a creative meditation practice designed to jumpstart your life with a new vision and an expanded sense of option...

Meditation for a Practical World offers more than meditation alone.

It is a customizable system for clearing anxiety and entering the meditative

connection to foster insight and awareness for your creative journey.

It will not take years or even months.


You will see results in minutes 


that can last a lifetime.

Get Quiet

Are you ready to...

What We Offer

Private Coaching


A Personalized Practice 

integrating all training levels

Singles & Couples

In Person, Online & Travel 

Weekend Workshops

 M4PW Basic Practice


M4PW Refinement I, II & III

M4PW Visionary Practice


M4PW Immersion Retreats

Other Options

 Speaker at Your Event


M4PW for Counselors


Corporate Workshops

The Prison Project 

  • Private appointments are available in person or via FaceTime, Skype or Teams

  • Online Events will begin in October 2021.

  • In-person workshops will resume in 2022 and will incorporate the use of technology to accomodate social distancing. 

  • As I am currently editing a series of books, I am working with a reduced availability through December 2021. 

What We Teach

Meditation for a Practical World

offers a meditative practice purposed to bring you

  • understanding for how creativity works... for everyone

  • clarity for how you are wired to create 

  • a discernment process for making creative choices

  • and a daily meditation practice that will support you in virtually all aspects of your life: health, wealth, relationships, and business​

What You Will Learn

  • how to quiet the mind & body for maximum life results

  • how to achieve and maintain FOCUS

  • how to direct your focus into a field of inquiry

What You Will Achieve

  • a sense of control over your life - finally

  • awareness for how to access options and insight in real time relative to your creative goals

  • feelings of fulfillment and excitement for what you create

  • results that are mind-blowing

Mountains in Clouds

When my mind finally settled, a peace came over me. The past and future were gone, and there was no movement, no need, no regret and no urgency. 

I was a seed in the fertile soil of life.

You are not broken.

Your life is not broken either. 

There is something out there for you to do--concentrate on that.

Choose a new direction. Invite inspiration and aspiration.

Be bigger.   Be bolder.

Be a part of something more meaningful than anything you have done before.

This is your destiny, but your destiny requires you to change and expand your perspective.

Then the direction of your life will become obvious to you.

Learn new skills. Skills including the ability to destress, focus your mind, concentrate and vision are just as important as learning new software or a new trade.

And when you are ready to take up the call, you will be blessed with awareness for that journey. You will know who you are as a creator and what you want to create. But, more importantly, you will know why. This is the key to finding fulfillment through your creations.

I invide you to join us as you begin your new search for how the creative system works and how you can move forward with more flexibility and awareness for creating with a sense of wonder and optimism. 

There is a world out there waiting for you. It wants to be a part of your journey.

So let's do this together. Join me in the journey to NEXT.

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Due out in 2022

Meditation for

Practical World 

What are the health benefits of meditation?
We asked the experts.

Releasing anxiety and fear.
Calming the mind. 
Enhancing focus & healing.
Increasing overall health, well-being and performance.  

The ability to control your body with your mind.
Releasing tension in the muscular and skeletal body systems.
Releasing anger and resentment.

Enhanced ability to vision for the future.
Advanced awareness for what is possible.
Focused approach to solving problems.

Ability to be present in the moment of crisis and discern appropriate action.
The ability to control the mechanical switches that build a wall between you and others.

Building a network with like-minded innovative individuals who share your beliefs.

Now, why have you been putting this off?


Meeting Red changed the course of my life. The session she shared with me impacted my life in ways so far-reaching that I am and will be eternally grateful. It's been more than a decade now and in hindsight I can clearly see how that session with Red introduced me to myself.

It's a gift I am still unwrapping.

Jeanne, Life Coach