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The M4PW Practice

Calm Woman

"This practice has changed the way I view my life and delivered me to a greater sense of freedom, joy, and accomplishment through my creations."

Meditation for a Practical World  is a creative meditation practice designed to reawaken the creative forces within and provide insight and option for moving forward as a creator.
Meditation is often taught as a one size fits all practice. But there is a uniqueness to each of you that dictates which practice will work best for who you are right now. So how do you decide? Simple. M4PW offers you a standard sit and listen practice that integrates movement, mindfulness, insight and stillness into your practice. But we do not use guided meditation. Instead, we give you tools to direct your own focus into the co-creative field to find your answers and invite a vision for the life you are wanting to build.

If you prefer a conversation with a deity, choose the practice that directs your focus through your deity of choice--the one that feels right for you. Christian Quakers seek upward for insight and inspiration directly from God or his son, Jesus. Followers of Transcendental Meditation seek a connection inward to the Self. And Buddhism seeks the wisdom and direction of the Buddha. It is important to note that while most traditions have a spiritual master, Meditation for a Practical World will seek to connect you with your own voice and your own guidance because we believe that you are the author of your destiny and the creator of your life.

Meditation for a Practical World focuses on the aspect of you that is a creator.  But the point of all creation is to know the self as that which is both self created and creating relative to something that is much larger than you alone. 
At M4PW we call this the

M4PW is not just about developing mental skills. The purpose of these skills is to put you in charge of your life. They help you understand you are a part of something much larger than just you or your family or even your community. The M4PW practice helps you to understand that you have a part to play on the global stage. But finding awareness for that purpose and the part you have come to play relative to all of life, requires skills.
To invite awareness for the part your creative 
thoughts and dreams will contribute, you will need to dream a little. And to find comfort as you make decisions and move forward in the creative field, you will need to vision for that which is being called forward on earth at this time to receive insights, wisdom and understanding on a daily basis for your part in this overall creative effort. We call this The Nugget.

Many of the world meditation practices aspire to
a conversation in which they seek answers and receive insight and understanding for their lives directly from their God. The common denominator for all these practices is that they all teach you skills that allow you to interact with the field of energy, the All-There-Is, to have a conversation.
The process is to quiet your body and your mind, and simply listen.

The conversation may not be an auditory experience, but it will feel that it is. The truth or clarity you seek may suddenly appear in your mind as a vision or an idea. But you will have the sense that it is the answer to your question--the one you have been asking, the one you are desperate to find understanding for, the one that will allow you to breathe again and move again and dance.  So, let's get started.


With Meditation for a Practical World

Sat on the Rocks

You will learn the practice:

  • 1 Simple Seated Practice to keep you balanced and calm 
  • 5 Movement Meditations to spark creative insight with little or no effort
  • 6 Meditative Focuses to help you focus your mind in the direction of your choice
  • the creative process, so that you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not broken as a creator
  • how you are wired to create, so you will understand when it will be easy and when it will be difficult for you to manifest... and how to succeed either way
  • the ONE THING you do that can destroy your ability to experience happiness and fulfillment in your business and your life... and how to instantly reverse it

You will find understanding for:

  • Destressing your mind - the shortcut to clearing your mind and engaging creativity
  • Building your personal creative affirmation - the key to creating the life you want to live
  • Learning about the pivotal role of intention - the glue that keeps your creation on target
  • Committing to a discernment process - the key to making critical decisions with ease

You will build skills designed to support your creativity:

Here are 4 Questions to get you started:

Who are you as a creator?

What kind of creator will you be? Let's try on some adjectives.

What part have you come to play relative to what you are creating?

Are you a visionary or the builder of someone else's vision? Do you prefer to follow set structures, enhance set structures or create your own business structure? Know where you fit and how you like to work.

What dream are you ready to claim?

And which dreams are you ready to discard? Update your list.

What can we accomplish together?

Nothing is ever accomplished alone. So make sure you expand your visioning sessions to include everyone who intends to play a part relative to your creation. 

Now, lets identify Which Approach works best for you,
right now.


Meditating in Nature
  • meets you where you are...      

  • takes you where you want to go...      

  • integrates the entire spectrum of M4PW experience in each session...


Meditation Group
  • learn together...   

  • practice together...      

  • grow together...

Meditation for a Practical World is a creative meditation practice and has three parts: a practice, a philosophy, and a communal experience. The practice is purposed to take you from reaction to insightful action. The philosophy is purposed to help you understand how you are wired to create in this lifetime so you can move forward with confidence. And the communal experience is purposed to acquaint you with the extraordinary experience of being present in a global connection with a field of co-creators


Private Coaching

Some people prefer to begin privately and integrate with a community at a later time. Through private sessions, both the practice and the philosophy are taught simultaneously. This allows for a customized approach that benefits novices as well as experienced meditators based on your goals, beliefs and preferences for integration.


Weekend Workshops

The M4PW practice is taught through weekend workshops and offers a simple meditation practice designed to give you the skills you need to manifest your goals.  We start with the M4PW Basic Training weekend in which the four elements of the practice are taught. Additional workshops offer a deeper dive into the practice allowing you to define and refine your practice according to your personal goals and how you work creatively. 


Community Practice

We offer those who have attended our workshops and their guests the opportunity to join in a weekly online meditation followed by a discussion. Additionally, we host a monthly ONE MIND Event open to meditators of all practices (Mindfulness, Insight, Loving Kindness, Transcendental, Quaker, TMI Hemi-Sync, etc.) inviting us to enter the silence together as ONE. We must remember that we are all unique individuals, so there is no one path that works for everyone. We hope these events will give you access to those options as we recognize our common goal of peace, inclusivity and renewed life.


Yoga Class

" Every day I skip meditation is a day filled with anxiety and second guessing. All I really create is chaos.."

Defining and Refining Your Meditation Practice in our
Weekend Workshops

Basic Practice Weekend Workshops
We start with Basic Training--the cornerstone of all M4PW programs taught in one weekend retreat. Here we learn the basic skills of sitting, listening, moving, focusing the mind and letting go. We work with a process to clear anxiety and a discernment practice that helps you make daily choices with less confusion, eliminating procrastination. And we will work with a predefined affirmation that will be refined more specifically to you in the Refinement Workshops.

Refinement I, II & III Weekend Workshops
If you want results in life, you must know who you are and why your goals are important to you. Refinement workshops take a deeper dive into you, helping you define both your sense of self and your reasons for creating. We will personalize your creative meditation affirmation and go deeper with the anti-anxiety and discernment processes, cleaning out the cobwebs of your mind and giving you a fresh start with confidence and clear vision.  

Visionary Weekend Retreats
As the Refinement Workshops deliver us firmly rooted in our practice, we look to the Visionary Retreats to develop awareness for the visioning process. The visioning process is intuitive for many, but not for everyone.  We want to show everyone how to have a visionary experience by working with the way you are uniquely wired to create. When you know what is difficult to do because of your "wiring," you will know how to shift gears and not get lost in the sea of exasperation. Ultimately, you will work to refine the skills that can help you find your answers, stay on task and extract the nugget--that which you came to understand. 

Immersion Weekends
Immersion Weekends are the great adventure where we gather to experience mastery as a group. Masterful creators are those who can focus on a problem, find the solution, and decide how to present it to the world. Immersion weekends can be formed around mutual occupations or mutual interests and are private gatherings by invitation only. Want to vision together as a group for a solution to global warming, economic disparity or political deadlocks? Or are you more interested in getting a group of physicians and researchers together to vision for the cure for cancer or the common cold? Could a group of attorneys find the key to defending their cause? Immersion weekends invite a group of visionaries with a common purpose to sit together as one and bring forth a shared vision of what is possible to create at this time.
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