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Books Presenting the Philosophy


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Originally published in 2005, Journeys in the Life of the Soul is the first in a series of books that introduce The Lifeline Teachings. The Lifeline Teachings address the key aspects of life and how all of life works creatively. Through The Lifeline Model presented in this book, we are able to visualize how each lifetime is formed revealing its timelines, the formation of its base identity and change points, and creative options for the current lifetime.


The teachings presented in this book were insights received through the meditative practice, and are delivered in the original text as it was received. It is currently out of print but can be found at independent book dealers via Amazon and Ebay.


An updated version of the book will be available in 2023. To join our online community classes around these teachings, please click here..

Meditating in Mountains

Lifeline Teachings

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The Lifeline Teachings offers a continuation of the first book, applying The Lifeline Model to eight different vantage points purposed to help you understand how you are wired to create and how that impacts your ability to create at-will and according to your own code. Through these vantage points, you will be able to pinpoint where you are in your creative timeline and what will be easy or difficult to create. And it will also give you awareness for how to create even when the task is difficult. 

Books Teaching the M4PW Practice

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Meditation for a Practical World delivers a meditation practice to support your creative journey.

Lotus Pose

for a

Practical World
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