M4PW for Professionals

Putting the pieces back together...
Self help for your clients...
Being more productive...

Corporate Workshops

A meditation practice to help your employees let go of anxiety, refocus, and reengage...
in 15 minutes or less.

Corporate Training addresses the interrelational aspects of working in groups as both leaders and as vital members of a team. We target visionary builders and help to identify the vital role each person plays relative to the whole, allowing for both personal and group focused visionary experiences.

Corporate Training weekends are held at local retreat centers or at a hotel of your choosing, where participants can immerse in the experience of the practice. We  are able to integrate yoga, thai chi, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, energy healers, and spa services local to your area, if requested.

for Counselors

A daily meditation practice to help your clients regain control and inspire change...
in one 30-minute practice.

M4PW is designed with the transitional will offer you a teachable model designed to get your clients through the tough times of changing circumstances. M4PW offers a simple practice that can be used by therapists, social workers and spiritual counselors to offer a way to quiet the mind and find understanding for their situation and uncover options for their future. 


The Prison Project

A six week program designed to inspire and transform life on the other side of incarceration... 
for personnel or inmates

Many of those marginalized in society end up in the prison system. They knew at one point that they were meant to live a purposed life and were filled of hopes and dreams. But they entered society as ones who would dance with the harmful effects of disinterest and shame. 

Our prison system is not equipped to prepare those incarcerated to reenter society with new values and new options. Our 6-week M4PW meditation practice is designed to give the skills they need to change by deescalating anxiety, building a dream of who they really want to be, we believe there is a way to help them understand they can change their mindset, learn new skills for coping and find a mechanism for 

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