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Meditate at the beach


Universities Integrating Meditation

Many of today's major universities offer mindfulness meditation
to their staff and students.
University of California
MARC Center
Stanford University
Windover Contemplative
University of Virginia
Contemplative Studies
Harvard University
Center for Wellness
Brown University
Contemplative Studies

Music for Meditators

These major universities all offer mindfulness meditation classes and venues to their students, faculty & medical staff and encourage the use of meditation for calming the mind, enhancing focus & healing,and increasing overall health, well-being and performance.  

Additionally, UVA has co-sponsired the Compassionate Schools Project with the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY bringing meditation to elementary aged classrooms to support academic achievement, mental fitness, health and compassionate character.

Our favorite FREE!! meditation music channels on YouTube

Furniture, Art and Fashion for Meditators

Building Your Meditation Space

The favorite seats, supports, art work and shawls to get you started.
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