"In the world of creativity, there is one thing that makes all other things possible:
focused attention."
Destress and Focus

When you choose to create something new, anxiety and fear from your past experiences may surface that create blocks in the energy field. To move forward into uncharted territory, you must address these energy blockages in the body system: clearing them and their far-reaching effects on your psyche. A combination of EFT, yoga, exercise, and nature walks can deliver both your body and your mind to a place of receptivity and allow you to surrender to the absolute presence of a meditation practice.


EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a series of tapping points on the energy meridian system that allows you to clear past memories and trauma without reliving or even identifying the originating circumstance. Yoga allows you to strengthen you body and return to a balanced posture, mentally and physically, and requires your full attention or focus in that process.

Body...  Mind...  Spirit...  realigned for balance and strength to support creative movement
Meditation Practice

M4PW uses specific walking patterns to spark awareness for creative options. The 5 Movement Meditations use patterns of movement to focus your inquiry in a specific area of interest Pattern 1 addresses the personal life, and is walked in a clockwise circlde. Pattern 2 addresses the business or service areas of life and is walked in a counter-clockwise circle. Pattern 3 is a figure 8 and is used at the culmination of the movement meditation to activate integration of all awareness received. Patterns 1-3 are the primary movement patterns used on a daily basis. Other patterns add complexity to the search. While you can direct your focus to a specific field of inquiry in the seated meditation, when you are building complex structures for your business or job, Patterns 4-5+ offer the availability to search by complexity. As you work with time constraints or schedules for your meditation practice, you will build a meditation muscle memory for the practice which can be activated when you are faced with overwhelming situations that can be aided by an instantaneous access to the calming effects of your practice. Anything that remains unresolved at the end of the session will be the topic of future meditations.

Catch the Vision
The 6 Meditative Focuses and the 5 Movement Meditations are designed to to put you in charge of each meditation session. They allow you to direct or focus your attention to specific areas of interest for insight and awareness around your goals.
Six Meditative Focuses

MPW offers six meditative focuses to help you access the co-creative field of consciousness and either direct your inquiry or allow the field of consciousness to speak to you of what is possible to create at this time in your life. In the recognition that all creation is co-creative, the consciousness of all that lives and breathes and has life can be responsive with visions of what is possible to create at this time with your current awareness and provide timelines and options to that end. MPW will begin by teaching you how to focus in a direction, how to hold that focus for a period of time, and then how to listen.

Five Movement Meditations

Meditative movement uses specific walking patterns to spark awareness for creative option. While the 6 Meditative Focuses are seated meditations and direct the focus of your mind toward a goal, the 5 Movement Meditations use movement to focus your inquiry around 4 basic areas: the personal life, the business or life in-service, complexity 1, and complexity 2. The fifth pattern is used to integrate all that has been revealed and conclude the meditation. Anything that remains unresolved will be the topic of future meditations.

I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not broken. You are just operating with a limited perspective for how life works.

Create the Vision -  but DO IT YOUR WAY!
Once you have received insight and awareness for your creative venture, you will be charged to go out in the world and create it. You will be able to create easily when you are in alliance with how you are wired to create, and you will experience obstacle and challenge when you are called to create that for which you are not wired. One is not better than the other--just different. Each offer a unique creative experience.
Understanding How You are Wired to Create


Each of us is wired to create in a certain way in this lifetime. This pattern is set as a base for this lifetime, but you can create either in harmony with or in opposition to the base pattern. When working in opposition to the base pattern, you experience obstacle and challenge. When working with your base creative pattern, life seems to flow with more synchronicity and spontaneous happenings. One is not better than the other except as you seek comfort to be a daily part of your creative adventure. Awareness for these options keeps you out of the weeds of self deprecating judgment in which you deem yourself a failure or unable to create at-will.

Each lifetime is a life of purpose.When you understand how creativity works and the pivotal role it plays in every moment of every day, you can relax knowing that every life has purpose and every moment offers a sacred opportunity to participate with all humanity through the act of creating. 


We are each living a life carefully designed and chosen prior to the time we were born on earth.  And the soul builds into each lifetime a purpose for its time on earth.  

You cannot change what each soul has written for inclusion in this lifetime on earth, but you can find understanding for what you have chosen and thus understand how that will affect your options moving forward.  When you understand how "all things earth" works, you will not waste your energy on fighting with life. Peace is really a perspective.


I invite you to join me in this great adventure as we shift our perspective to be inclusive of the soul in journey.

In the mid-90's. I got curious. I was newly minted as a clinical hypnotherapist and had recently found my first of three spiritual mentors.

My first teacher was a business woman in Los Angeles, who introduced me to the Native American traditions. I met her in a parking lot of the school of hypnotherapy that I attended. A group of students had just finished a class and we were in excited discussion of our newfound awarenesses from the class. The woman, a fellow student, interrupted the circle and handed me her card. She simply said if I needed a place to stay to call her. I was contemplating leaving a relationship, but had not yet made a decision at that time. But within a week, I called her and had moved into her home. She was a stranger but not, and she taught me about energy and the ways of the Shaman. She was my first spiritual teacher.

In the years that followed, I became interested in two things: building a meditation practice and accessing awareness for what I call all things Earth. I now believed that I could access information about how life works for everyone and started using a process called automatic handwriting to make the connection and invite a dialogue. Automatic handwriting was not that easy for me. It's one requirement was to LET GO. I was not allowed to move the pen. The pen needed to be perfectly balanced in my hand and I was to wait for it to move without any effort on my part. After months of trying, I decided to explore a technique used to break writer's block called The Artist Way. Julia Cameron was the originator of the process which she taught through workshops. Called morning pages, her process began with journaling 3 pages non-stop without editing. Eventually I was able to let go and my hand started to move by itself. A long squiggly line stretched across 3 pages meandering as it moved with changes in direction joined by small loops or directional change points until it stopped. Then I stared at the squiggly line and waited. Suddenly, I could see letters that formed at the change points and realized they formed a word. Oddly, I don't remember the word now as the word held no meaning for me. But it was a word nonetheless, and I was ecstatic. My mind exploded with a new sense of possibility. I continued following Julia Cameron's Artist Way, adding a nightly prayer and wrote down the question I wished to be answered the next day. I soon found myself at a place I would never have thought possible--I started having trouble finding a question. Since I had "God" on the phone, what were the important questions that needed to be answered--not the ones everyone else had, but MY big questions. Nothing. And after some time trying, I tried the BIG questions asked by all of us. Is God real? Am I supposed to pray to God for direction? When does life begin? Is abortion a sin? Is sin a real thing and will it keep me out of heaven? Is heaven real? Hell? And then the big one came. Why do bad things happen to good people? Then vice versa, why do good things happen to bad people? That did it. The gate opened. And a dialogue began. I guess the question had to be real for me before it worked. The answer spoke of the dualistic nature of life in the all-there-is--that which encompasses all that God created in the beginning. I did not like that God was being referenced as the maker and creator of all things earth. I could not believe there could actually be a God who is all-loving but create a world so devoid of it. Then I found my next question--the one that would connect me with a dialogue that continued for many years. How does earth work for everyone, creatively? And why is creating easy for some people and not for others? This was the beginning of a dialogue that stretched over 10 years, unfolding little by little through my morning pages ritual and eventually during meditation when I was still, receptive and willing to let go and listen. Over time, a complete system of understanding the creative options for our lives and making choices was there in black and white. It started: draw a line. A few lines later, the lines were labeled. Then I was asked to add numbers and a period on the original line. It was called, The Lifeline Model. Through this model I was shown how all things earth work. The Lifeline Model became the model through which all the teachings that followed were explained. These are the teachings I have documented in the first book Journeys in the Life of the Soul from 2003-2005, and now expanded in the second book called The Lifeline Teachings.


I have been on that journey for 20+ years now, sitting in meditation with many practices and exploring many aspects of life as we know it on earth. I sat in contemplation in caves and on mountaintops, prayed in the desert and in sweat lodges with Shamans, and wrote copious notes on midnight walks.

I did not do this for you. Not at first. I just wanted to know how it all worked. Curiosity, that was all it was. But now it is time to share these teachings with you to help you understand why you are here, why life is just harder for some than it is for others, and what the options are when it is difficult. The point is to help you understand that you are not broken. But, equally important, I am here to help those who find creating easy to understand the rest of us, to let you know there is no place or time when the people who struggle are less valued than the blessed.  There is actually just one reason we are all on earth and it is the same reason for all of us. The soul incarnates to earth to have new experiences. That is it. There is no requirement that it not be difficult. And there is no judgment waiting for us when we depart this earth, except our own. Our conjoined purpose is not about learning lessons. Yes, we learn lessons as we go, but that is not the overall purpose for life on earth. The purpose of all life on earth is to have new experiences, period, exclamation point. The Lifeline Model will help you understand how that works. 

When does life begin and end? Where do we go after death? Is death the end? How does the transition from life to death to NEXT work? Who is in charge of my life? When is my ability to choose subject to karma or destiny? And, who decides what is destined and what is open to choice in this lifetime? These questions were all answered and more. And when they were finished, they answered the BIG TIMELESS questions too. Big bang or evolution? It only took about 20 minutes. They wanted to get those out of the way so you could focus on what was important--your daily opportunity to create. 

Who was this dialogue with? Different beings over many years. But the authors of The Lifeline Model and the teachings called themselves The Masters. To be clear, they are not the Ascended Masters from ancient teachings. The Masters are a group of philosophers who gather in the ethereal realm to experience mastery through their collective creations. In this case, they gathered to devise a way to explain how earth works to those who live here. It is not coincidental that I asked that same question. They told me when all had been completed, they asked all who were present who would bring the teachings to earth, I was the one who raised my hand. And so we begin.

Take out a pen and paper. Now, draw a line.