The Lifeline Teachings

In February 2002 a dialogue began...

In the stillness, a voice spoke to me.
It said,
"draw a line."


In the stillness a voice spoke to me. It said, draw a line. This was a new voice, not the one that spoke to me late one night on my way home that said, move to the center of the street. Repeating its warning, I heard, move to the center of the street. I responded a split second before the door to a parked car flew open and the driver emerged into my lane.

This voice was different. It was not interceding on my behalf but speaking to me on behalf of all people--those who felt lost, abandoned and broken as well as those who live relative to "the broken."


As I listened, the dialogue began, draw a line. Draw a (vertical) line at the end and the beginning. Now, put a point in the middle. Then they began to explain the meaning of these elements as well as the context 

Over the years that followed, I wrote down every word. It was an amazing time because I never knew when it would show up and what would be offered that day. I made sure I had paper and pen available, always. And time.

In 2005, the first book titled Journeys in the Life of the Soul was published. The text was presented word for word as it was received. But many struggled to read it. Later, I was told this book was meant for the teachers.. A second edition is now in process and will be published in 2022 offering a new introduction and sectional subtext for greater clarification, 

The teachings presented in Journeys have been expanded over 20+ years following and will be presented in a new book scheduled for release in 2022. The Lifeline Teachings includes and expands upon the teachings as presented in Journeys and relays the information in a more universally understandable form. 


The purpose of these teachings is simply to explain to humans how life on earth works creatively for everyone. It answers the big questions about when life begins and ends and who is in charge of your creative decisions--you or God. But, it also answers the questions of philosophers over the ages about the creation and evolution of the all things Earth.


Online study groups are available to support you beyond the reading of the book. I hope the teachings will bring you comfort they have brought me as we explore them together.

It said, this is how earth works.


Journeys in the Life of the Soul

First published in 2005. New edition due out in 2022.

The Lifeline is a teaching that enables us to know to a greater extent our purpose, our reason for being. These teachings are the culmination of many masters' efforts to provide a portal to understanding of the ethereal world and its reach into the human dimensional experience. The Lifeline is a model that offers us clarity through structure. We have long awaited an opportunity to impart these teachings in hopes of bringing to humans a way to make decisions about their experiences. Much of the way you now make decisions is convoluted by th number of sources and the longterm effects of misinformation passed down with the family. These teachings explain a complicated concept in evolution and the body-of-God experience that has been difficult for man to grasp. This makes the concept and indeed the truth palatable and clear, enabling all to release their feelings of shame, guilt and resistance and come into the greater knowing of God. 

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The Lifeline Teachings

Coming in 2022

Meditating in Mountains

Lifeline Teachings

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The Lifeline Teachings offers a continuation of the first book, applying The Lifeline Model to 8 different vantage points purposed to help you understand how you are wired to create and how that impacts your ability to create at-will and according to your own code. Through these vantage points, you will be able to pinpoint where you are in your creative timeline and what will be easy or difficult to create. And it will also give you awareness for how to create even when the task is difficult.