The M4PW Philosophy

Meditation for a Practical World is a creative meditation practice that introduces us to the power that we all possess--to define our existence by how we want to experience ourselves creatively. In this lies the key to happiness and fulfillment--

knowing the self as that which is self-created.


Many people want to experience their creative journey as in-control, creating with deliberation and choice, and reaping the benefits of the creative journey with little challenge. We think the path to the goal should be a straight line with no missteps and deem anything less a failure.


The straight-line approach to creating is only one option in a rich panoply of creative option, and it does not guarantee happiness or fulfillment in the end. In fact, it rarely does.


Experiencing fulfillment through your goals is a byproduct of creating with the knowledge of

  1. how you are wired to create and 

  2. knowing how you want to experience yourself as a creator.


Daily awareness for these two aspects of the self will keep you out of the weeds of disappointment and shame and keep you moving as a creative force.


The purpose of creative meditation is to anchor our creative goals with a vision of who we intend to be realtive to that goal. There are many options for experiencing the self relative to the goal, but the most important one for you will be defined by the feeling of rightness for you. You are the only person who knows what is appropriate for you to choose.

Many of us have been separated from our ability to discern rightness and wrongness for ourselves by very well-meaning guides and mentors. These guides and mentors were necessary for your life up to a certain point. But for you to experience happiness and fulfillment relative to your creations, it is crucial for you to be reconnected with your own discernment process.

Your Creative Identity...

Establishing who-you-are as a creator in your mind and heart will link you with your creative identity for this time in your life. It will become a part of your M4PW morning ritual through which you will refine your sense of who you are as a creator for that day only. Tomorrow you will choose again. So the daily task is one of refinement for the process of creating the self you intend to be that day. And each day's success is measured by your alliance with that goal.

Once you are resolved to the be creator of your experience, all choices along the way become easy. Each day your task is to walk as who you intended to be or how you intend to experience yourself relative to your goals that day. The days you walk in alignment with who-you-are as a creator will be filled with grace and those you walk as who-you-are-not will be filled with questions and anxiety.

Let me repeat that. 

The days you walk in alignment with who-you-are as a creator will be filled with grace and those you walk as who-you-are-not will be filled with questions and anxiety.


No one else can know what is appropriate for you to integrate as character and no one else can possibly achieve the goal as it lives in your mind and heart, because all goals are related to the moment of the original desire for the goal in which you saw yourself playing a part realitive to that goal. Goals are merely vessels for experiencing the self moving as a creator.

Adjectives become the key words in the creation of character. Adjectives like loving, honoring, caring, competent, villainous, fair, balanced, giving, taking, driven, controlling, wicked, criminal, just, benevolent, compassionate, intuitive, visionary, wise, selfish, selfless, etc. become the definers that interject character into the day. A ruthless CEO and a compassionate CEO will be experienced differently by those in close proximity to the CEO, but, more importantly, the CEO that intends to experience themselves as ruthless will not find fulfillment if they act compassionately.

Not all of us have the calling to experience ourselves as nice, kind, or loving. Nice is but one way of expressing the self and can only be experienced as someone or some thing offers to be the antithesis of nice so that "nice" can be experienced relative to what it is not. This is how all things are experienced--juxtapositioned against that which it is not.


Those who walk with this awareness walk in the true grace of life, for they know that all things are called forward according to the part we have come to play in each other's lives. And our true gift to each other is to offer ourselves in complimentary ways so that we each may experience fulfillment around the day's activities.

What you create you do not create alone... EVER.

At this point we start to recognize that what we create we do not create alone.


Every creation is subject to all that would play a part relative to the creation, and every situation along that path offers the creative option to all beings simultaneously with equal valuation for each life.


When we realize that we are all charged with the same act of creation each day--to play a part in each other's lives as cocreators--we can relax with the awareness that the adjectives we chose yesterday to define our character had purpose in someone else's life, and our accomplishments were not just steps toward a goal but were steps for all mankind to experience the self creating through choice.

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