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Meditation for a Practical World


Join Us for our monthly

Community Unity Events!

Meditation for a Practical World offers a monthly gathering where  all meditation practices can gather under one umbrella of inclusivity--

coming together to sit as ONE.


We will open with an energy clearing and a joining of hearts. Then we enter the silence for 40 minutes, followed by a time of sharing insights received on behalf of the group. We ask that the sharing be condensed to a few lines so all may have time to speak. We do this to eliminate the personal history and deliver only the inspirational "nugget" so that all may apply to their life as appropriate.

M4PW will invite other presentations during the day, beginning with a yoga class prior to the meditation service, a picnic after, followed by presentations by community meditation and wellness presenters. Some gatherings will be able to offer space for massage practitioners, wellness clinics, and other meditation practices to provide services and information. Each event announcement will detail the offerings for that month.

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