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I don't use meditation to connect with nothing. I use it to connect with everything.

Red Cameron


Founder of Meditation for a Practical World

Red Cameron is the author of Journeys in the Life of the Soul. She has worked in the field of consciousness studies for more than 25 years and teaches meditation privately and in group and corporate settings.
Her Mission
Her mission is to bring awareness for how we are each wired to create, how that impacts our lives and why that means that no one is ever broken as a creator.

You are not broken. The people that you love are not broken either. I promise.Your employees and co-workers and even your parents are not broken.


We are each living a life carefully designed and chosen prior to the time we were born on earth.  And the soul builds into each lifetime a purpose for its time on earth.  

Each lifetime is a life of purpose.When you understand how creativity works and the pivotal role it plays in every moment of every day, you can relax knowing that every life has purpose.  And every moment offers a sacred opportunity to participate with all humanity through the act of creating. 


You cannot change what each soul has written for inclusion in this lifetime on earth, but you can find understanding for what each has chosen and understand your options moving forward.  Peace is really a perspective.


I invite you to join me in this great adventure as we shift our perspective to be inclusive of the soul in journey.

I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not broken.